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Antonis Pasvantis

Antonis Pavantis
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Born in Germany he is a diverse artist and whose activities span through various areas of arts by mixing circus, theater and dance techniques.

He has attended seminars at the school of circus ' Espai de circ ' in Valencia (Spain), the circus space Katakomben in Berlin (Germany) and at the school of theatre (Musical Theatre Workshop) of Larissa.

He has collaborated with the national theatre of Greece in the production of ' Schoinobates ' directed by Stamatis Fasoulis, in the rock opera ' DRAGON ' which was a European partnership production presented at the Theatro vrachon, at the REX Theatre in the musical  ' Mata Harry’ , in the Casablanca Music Hall in the musical performance ' Venteta’ as a member of the dance team choreographed by  Apostolia Papadamaki, in theatrical ' performance  ‘Acrobats of Luck’΄ of Kelly Stamoulaki in the  Glass musical theater and circus Circus Magic show at the Coronet theater.

In 2008 his collaboration with the Helix Street Theatre Group began and he participated in numerous events and festivals abroad such as the Fairy Puppet in Sofia (Bulgaria) with the project ' the madness of the day΄, at The 31st session of ' the nation ' in Nanjing (China) with the Project Prometheus bound ', in the Ulicnih Sviraca festival in Serbia with the production  ' Comedia ' as well as in various festivals in Greece with the shows ' Dies Irae '/' what  a world dad '/' Eon '.

However, his need for personal expression lead to him creating his own productions and directing various circus performance such as  SEVEN ' at the El arte del convent.   He Created the Cirque team 2005 Musical which collaborates with the Glass musical theater and through his own direction directed on the central stage of the theater of the circus-fairytale show entitled ' life journey ' and the contemporary circus show ' the Magic of dreams '. The ΄Circus performance Cabaret΄ in Pirre and the circus-tale ΄Adventured  in land of Christmas΄.

The last few years he has its own performing arts company entitled DEVA performing arts and he works with the large production companies where they participate in tv commercials, corporate events, video clips, fashion shows, presentations products and in various events in municipalities across Greece.

The last 7 years he owns his own studio area entitled ΄Aerial Circus Lab΄ and teaches aerial stunts on silks and other such skills such as juggling as well as providing seminars thoughout Greece.

Stamatiadis Aggelos

Stamatiadis Aggelos
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Born in Piraeus and raised in a family where most of the family time was spent on  sports and coaching, his love for this area is considerate to be innate .

 From a very young age he started his course as an athlete trying out many different sports such as basketball, swimming, Kung Fu, excelling particularly in the athletics area, where he became a member of the national team in the running event of 400 meters. In 1994 he began his studies as a student in the Department of physical education and Sport of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki from where he graduated in 1998 with a specialization in artistic gymnastics. Then followed his postgraduate studies in martial arts at the Beijing Sports University in Beijing.

 Early on during his student life he delved with coaching. He began his coaching career as gymnastics coach  in AGEM SPARTAKO THESSALONIKI and continued in the GNO ARIS NIKAIAS winning many national championships, while the has also been an international judge of the  Gymnastics Club 10

 He has worked as a basketball coach in IWNIKO NICE winning championships for the junior categories and junior female. In 2003 he founded the DP SPARTAKO NIKAIAS in which he coach up until this day and has trained some of the best Greek and Greek martial arts athletes who have attained awards at a European and global level.

 IN 2013 he first became involved aerial acrobatics and aerial silks and he created the AERIAL group FAIRIES where he  directs and choreographs performances of aerial acrobatic dance, amongst others the ' dancing Kavvadias ' and ' the Little Prince "by Antoine de Saint Exupéry.

 The Aerial Fairies have a strong presence in the Dance festival of the Municipality of Perama and have presented a number of shows other athletic events


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